Ep. 78 – Preventing Abuse In Our Kiddos’ Lives

by | April 7, 2021

Ep. 78 – Preventing Abuse In Our Kiddos’ Lives

by | April 7, 2021

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Ep. 78 - Preventing Abuse In Our Kiddos’ Lives


with Sexual Abuse Survivor & Prevention Educator Rosalia Rivera

The month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month and because of that Terry and I felt very called to talk about the topic of abuse. 

I know a lot of the content and information regarding abuse prevention, especially when it comes to prevention for our own families, is framed in really fear stricken ways and causes many of us to want to run from the topic altogether.

But families,  it is our passion to take these challenging topics head on and remove the fear from them so we can help you build safe & strong family legacies that you are proud of.

Our goal is always to empower you to keep your kids safe, not to make you fearful. 

That is why we sat down with child sexual abuse survivor, and abuse prevent educator, Rosalia Rivera, the founder of ‘Consent Parenting’ … to talk about how to approach the topic of abuse in our homes without instilling fear. 

Whether you have been afraid to discuss the topic, or have experienced abuse yourself, Rosalia gives us beautiful strategies to empower our children and equip them with skills to:

  • recognize “tricky people”
  • provide them with exit strategies for uncomfortable or dangerous situations
  • parent daily using strategies to prevent abuse in our children’s lives

While the truth from reported statistics is, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys deal with child abuse, we can prevent our children from these situations by adding confidence to our families toolkit and empowering your kids to be trusting, but also to question things around them.

Prevention starts in the home by making sure your children know that you will always believe them and always love them. Building your children’s safety network, so that they always have someone they trust to turn to. And giving your children lifelines so that they always have an exit strategy. 

We also need to know, especially today when reports of abuse are skyrocketing, how to carefully respond when children disclose to us that they, or another child are being abused. 

Rosalia provides us with this beautiful verbiage of how to handle a situation if a child discloses abuse to us:

“Thank you for coming to me. You are brave. I will protect you and make sure this no longer happens.” 

and to … 

always remind your child that no matter what they do, they can not be a bad person.”

My hope is that this discussion today will empower you and bring more confidence and security to your family. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • Empowering parents with information and resources
  • Dismantling shame in abuse survivors
  • The importance of explaining “tricky people” to kids without making it scary
  • Using books and stories our children already watch as examples of “tricky people”
  • The importance of teaching your children exit strategies
  • Tools for abuse survivors who are parenting
  • Roleplaying to prepare your children
  • Steps for responding when children disclose abuse to you
  • What you can do on a daily basis to keep your family safe

Resources Mentioned:

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