Monday Motivation – Let Kids be Kids

by | April 23, 2018 | 0 comments

Monday Motivation – Let Kids be Kids

by | April 23, 2018 | 0 comments


“Let kids be kids!”

Often as parents, when our kids do something inconvenient, we label it as misbehavior, but our kids are NOT “out to get us” or “trying to be bad”, but instead, often just experimenting and exploring.

Check out this video that was sent to me by one of my Bonfire members Foundations Course / Jesus Guided Parenting students, who has a little guy we’ve been working with over the last month to redirect misbehavior like “playing with eggs” or “dropping recycling trash off a balcony”…aha, this video helps makes sense of this!

Now of course, we want to teach these little ones how to explore AND respect household rules, but starting with empathy (seeing life through their eyes) is an important step.

Positive Parenting curriculum guides us to always seek to see light and integrity in our kids, but obviously, that is often easier said than done, especially when we’ve got our hands and plates full as parents.

Observations about kids’ curiosity and how they have a natural desire to explore, learn, touch, and understand…serve as such a beautiful reminder that often we just need to SEE them and the situation different.

God definitely gifts us with a sense of wonder & exploration, that perhaps we lose a bit as we get older.

So I encourage us all to tap into this “paradigm shift” and acknowledge what our kids might be learning, or seeking to experiment with the next time they get a little wild or mischievous. I think it will help us to see the cup half full!

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