Ep. 84 – 3 Common Mistakes When Pulling Back on Screen Time

by | May 18, 2021

Ep. 84 – 3 Common Mistakes When Pulling Back on Screen Time

by | May 18, 2021

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Ep. 84 - 3 Common Mistakes When Pulling Back on Screen Time


with Lisa Honold

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While we walk together through the common challenges presented by modern day technology, we need to remember these three things that we commonly get wrong as parents when pulling back on screen time:

  • Be consistent.
  • Be a role model.
  • Include our children in the process.

When it comes to managing screen time we need to continue setting appropriate limits and sticking to them while modeling intentional screen time ourselves as parents. 

The idea is not to track or punish our children. It is to train them and be intentional about the boundaries we set for ourselves. 

Be firm with your boundaries and always stay in learning!

Together we are keeping our kiddos safe, and helping them to set appropriate boundaries themselves. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • About Lisa & where her passion for parenting came from 
  • Pulling back on screen time with your children
  • Remaining consistent 
  • Getting on the same page WITH your kids to avoid power struggles
  • How to reset boundaries with technology usage in your home
  • Being a role model
  • Tracking emotions VS screen time usage
  • Approaching technology limits with care
  • Staying in learning

Resources Mentioned:

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