Episode 47: Understanding your Picky Eater – An Interview with Alisha Grogan

by | May 2, 2020

Episode 47: Understanding your Picky Eater – An Interview with Alisha Grogan

by | May 2, 2020

Episode 47: Understanding your Picky Eater – An Interview with Alisha Grogan

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Raise your hand if you have a picky eater in your home! These days picky eating almost feels like an epidemic, right?

This is why we’re so excited about this episode that will answer all the questions you’ve been asking yourself about why your kiddo is such a picky eater.

Listen in as Wendy interviews Alisha Grogan, an occupational therapist who specializes in all things related to kids eating (particularly picky eating!) as well as sensory processing.

Alisha also has three kids of her own and helps families all over the world through her popular parenting blog, Your Kids Table and her online courses.

Today Wendy & Alisha explore 4 main reasons why kids are picky eaters (spoiler alert: it’s not because of bad parenting!):

  1. Average/typical picky eating phase
    • Begins around 1 & 2 yrs. old and naturally exits between 3.5 & 5 yrs. old
    • This is a typical developmental stage in most children as their tastes change & it was also a protective measure for our ancestors that still exists today
    • This phase can snowball into a bigger problem if care taker begins short order cooking for the picky eater, or engages in power struggles over food
  2. Sensory processing difficulties
    • Extreme picky eating results when the child only eat about 20 foods
    • How the food looks, smells, feels, & tastes determines whether or not the child will eat
      • gagging at sight or small bite of food
      • fear of getting messy
      • pocketing food in their mouth
    • 10-11% of children will allow themselves to starve before they will eat
    • Parents should take the pressure off when it comes to eating – no bating or bribing
  3. Oral motor concerns
    • Children not knowing how to chew & manipulate the food in their mouth
      • gagging after the food is in their mouth because they’re trying to chew & swallow
      • accidentally having food fall out of their mouth
  4. Underlying medical issues
    • Numerous medical issues involve pain (that the child can’t necessarily verbalize), which then leads to picky eating
      • food sensitivities
      • constipation
      • silent reflux, etc.

Mentioned in this Episode:

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