Episode 55: Releasing Trauma & Anxiety with Chrissy Powers

by | August 3, 2020

Episode 55: Releasing Trauma & Anxiety with Chrissy Powers

by | August 3, 2020

Episode 55: Releasing Trauma & Anxiety with Chrissy Powers

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In today’s episode Wendy invites Chrissy Powers back onto the show to discuss how past trauma can affect our current parenting journey. If you’re curious about what exactly trauma is and the role it may be playing in how you’re showing up each day with your kids, have a listen into this training session with Chrissy & Wendy!

Chrissy is a licensed marriage & family therapist, a mom of 3 kiddos, a blogger & social media influencer, and also a course creator. Many of our Fresh Start Family followers have learned about this work through Chrissy’s Instagram platform.

Today Chrissy & Wendy dive into the wisdom our bodies hold, how we can get in touch with that wisdom by listening to our bodies, and how we can move trauma through our bodies.  

  • Trauma: The crap that happens in our lives
    • Trauma A: the things we should have gotten in our past, but didn’t
    • Trauma B: the things that should have never happened in our past, but did
  • Immobilization: Being frozen in fear due to trauma – this freeze feels like having the gas & the brakes on at the same time
    • Our “fight, flight, freeze” instinct used to keep our ancestors safe, but nowadays, having a constant rush of adrenaline is not healthy & can lead to ongoing problems
    • If this anxious energy isn’t actively released from the body (through shaking, crying, moaning, etc.), it will continue to show up in other ways such as anxiety, depression, knee-jerk reactions, etc.
  • Embodiment: Fully listening to your body & showing up in the moment – actually living IN your body
  • Nonlinear Movement Method: Encourages & identifies the unwinding of patterns of stress & trauma through a guided session of releasing tension & underlying mental loops – the result is a systemic, self-guided, unburdening of the nervous system

If you’re interested in booking a Nonlinear Movement Session with Chrissy, email her at chrissypowersmft@gmail.com

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