Episode 52: The Key to Empathy: Holding Space for Ourselves, Others, & the World

by | June 27, 2020

Episode 52: The Key to Empathy: Holding Space for Ourselves, Others, & the World

by | June 27, 2020

Episode 52: The Key to Empathy: Holding Space for Ourselves, Others, & the World

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On today’s show, Wendy and Terry bring back their dear friend & mentor Pam Dunn, the owner of Your Infinite Life Training and Coaching Company, to discuss how to hold space in order to increase our empathy skills (and have more peace, joy & connection in our daily lives).

Pam was first on the podcast in episode 4 to discuss influencing skills & again in episode 11 to discuss self reliance skills. Do yourself a favor & go back to listen to those episodes – you will quickly realize that Pam is a wealth of knowledge who is full of wisdom and compassion!

Have you heard of the concept of holding space? Quite literally, it means holding a space to pause & be present, regardless of what is occurring around you. It requires a sense of being, along with a open hearted mindset.

Holding space is about being fully present, without judgement AND the only way to reach this place is by acknowledging where we are judging ourselves or others.

Holding space is the most important when we’re feeling challenged & triggered. Holding space is for the other person, and also equally for yourself – especially in moments of tension when it’s easier to defend, react, or run away.

Wendy, Terry, & Pam define the practice of “holding space” & how to do it throughout this episode:

  1. Holding space takes lots & lots of practice!
  2. Holding space can only happen when you acknowledge all parts of you & all judgements in the present moment
    • Being present means being a good listener even when you aren’t happy with what’s going on.
  3. Holding space is the key element to:
    • deescalating fights & disagreements
    • creating closeness & self-love
    • accessing creativity for solutions

Mentioned in this Episode:

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