Episode 51: Quarantine Survival Guide – An Interview with Debbie Zeichner, LCSW

by | May 30, 2020

Episode 51: Quarantine Survival Guide – An Interview with Debbie Zeichner, LCSW

by | May 30, 2020

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Episode 51: Quarantine Survival Guide - An Interview with Debbie Zeichner, LCSW


Currently, our world is facing an international pandemic, which is bringing up feelings of fear, anxiety, and grief (just to name a few!) for many people. Have you felt alone and overwhelmed in your parenting walk as you navigate these uncertain times?

Yep, we ALL have felt like this at times, you’re not alone!

Today’s episode was recorded with parents who are quarantined in mind, although it is applicable to any parent who wants more joy & connection in their home … and we’re so happy to welcome back a friend of Fresh Start Family, Debbie Zeichner, to chat with Wendy.

Debbie is a momma of two & also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Parent Coach, as well as a Mindfulness Instructor … yes, she is a wealth of knowledge!

She was first on the podcast in episode 20 to discuss positive discipline. That episode is one of the most downloaded episodes of The Fresh Start Family Show, so you all clearly loved Debbie’s encouragement & support!

Inspired by her own parenting challenges, Debbie developed a passion for all things parent-related and began a quest to educate herself and others on positive, mindful approaches to enhance and foster healthy and harmonious family relationships.

Today, Wendy & Debbie dig into five ways to stay sane during a quarantine:

  1. Look at where you can let go:
    • Practice mindfulness, especially when you start to feel anxious
    • There is no place for perfection in parenthood
  2. Embrace messiness:
    • “Connect, Tear, Repair”
    • When our kids see us mess up & then apologize to them, they are set free to make their own mistakes and learn from them too
  3. Focus on grace over guilt:
    • Remember that we are not alone in the challenging areas of parenthood &
    • We must have self compassion
    • Come up with a few mantras to refocus our thoughts – “Everything will work out”, etc.
  4. Stay connected
    • Sprinkle connection breaks throughout the day so that our kids (& spouse!) feel seen & heard
    • Make agreements with your kids in advanced to problem solve conflicts together
  5. Stick to limits to kindness & firmness
    • Choose your battles & remember that it’s okay to model flexibility
    • Honor & acknowledge what your child is engaged in before making a request (their agenda vs. our agenda)

Mentioned in this Episode:


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  • Ways to see kids who push back a lot as incredible blessings & future leaders 
  • The importance of paradigm shifting with thoughts & beliefs about power seeking misbehavior 
  • How to implement a Pause Button or Heart Connector to ignite creativity & model self-control 

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